QUILMES NEUMATICA S.A. is an Argentinian company with 50 year´s in manufacturing pneumatic
tools and engines for industrial use

Nowadays, our line of products is composed of more than 300 models that compete successfully against the named brands not only in efficiency, but also in quality and performance.
Our wide variety of products is required by automative, textile, chemical, oil, shipping, metallurgical,
foundry, tannery and leather industries, among others.
Our excellent after-sale service as well as our technical assistance service solves the different companies´needs.
Our products are present in different markets, such as Europe, Mexico, Latin American, and South Africa, what makes our company grow and excel itself every day.
QUILMES NEUMATICA: puts the air power in your hands and at your service.


¨The Power of Air in your
hands and at your service. . .
General Acha 1645 / 55 (B1879FNG) Quilmes Oeste • Buenos Aires
54 11 4250 0365 / 9692 / 4200 2445 • Fax ext. 25
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